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ΒΆ Percival is a young and naive welsh noble who grew up in rural seclusion. He knows few of the world around him, much less of knigthood and the Round Table. One day, he meets Aglovale, his long lost brother and knight of the Round Table. Aglovale seems determined to knight Percival, who's on his way to face a lot of hardships and adventures. Strangely enough, his journey seems to be linked to a peculiar artefact named the Grail.

Characters overview

Backgrounds attributions

Disclaimer : I use a base for most backgrounds in Gradalis, either my own pictures, Public Domain, Royalty Free or with CC licenses. Most of them come fom Unsplash, Pexels, & other public domain & Royalty Free pictures sites. I also use 3D assets bought/found on the Unreal Market or CGTrader, with a free to use and 100% Royalty Free license. I modify them on the basis of fitting them to the style, maybe removing/adding some elements to my liking.

Some CC licenses require to be credited, this is what this section is for :

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