Commissions pricechart


Bust: 70€
Half body: 90€
Full body: 110€


Bust: 90€
Half body: 125€
Full Body: 145€

Full Colours

Bust: 100€
Half body: 155€
Full Body: 185€

What you need to know :

  • The price may increase with difficulty/details (tattoos, backgrounds, armour, etc)

  • + 70% for extra character

  • payment through paypal only

  • All rights to the image remain with me, the artist, including its distribution and use. I retain the right to post the images publicly on any social platform I see fit.

  • There will be a signature/watermark present on the artwork so I can be identified as the creator of the piece.

  • ↓ order your commission through the following form↓

About Gradalis

¶ When a fateful encounter rushes the young Percival away from the lands that saw him grow up, he is far from imagining what fate has in store for him. Now a squire in the service of the Knights of the Round Table, a most singular mission awaits him: the quest for the Grail. Punctuated with magic, conflicts and encounters, this fabulous epic will mark the advent of some... while precipitating the fall of others.

  • LGBTI+ content

  • gay romance

  • women of color knights

  • magic & supernatural stuff

  • the grail is freaky

  • monsterrrrs

Characters (part 1)